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Janet at 15 by Carlos and Joseph Nájera

How excited you are! You have arrived at the age. You are a young lady now. It’s a magical age, Where everything is possible, And everything is beautiful, Where everything is joy and happiness, And tears are unknown, Where pain … Continue reading

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October Bowls by Carlos Najera

Originally posted on Jedwardnajera's Blog:
(That’s me on the left at age 20, next to my mama and sister Natalia. Bobby, my older brother, is next to John. Frank and Henry are in the front.)    The mornings were…

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The Blacksmithy Dawning by Joseph E Najera

I open myne eyes and break away fro’ some private dreamings An’ I let th’ coulde air fill me lungs and check th’ sky fo’ signs o’ weather. Alas, I let slip th’ quilt an’ feel the coldness dance upon … Continue reading

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The Power of Yes by Carlos Najera

Recess at Haydock School! I could run around to the girls’ side of the school and say hello to my sisters. I could have a few minutes where I could think in my own language. I could play with my friend Ernest and … Continue reading

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The World According to Bugs #3 by Carlos and Joseph Najera

My mother was diagnosed with TB shortly after I was born. That was in 1947. In 1950 she was placed in the Maryknoll Hospital in Monrovia, California. Lonely and feeling helpless, my father sent these post cards almost every day … Continue reading

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Monsoon Highway by Carlos Najera

I was here all alone at my place in Mexicali, trying to write an essay, when Olga and her girls and their kids came over with a cake and a gallon of Ice Cream. They sang the Happy Birthday song … Continue reading

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