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Matilija Creek by Carlos Najera

   The name comes from the Chumash people. I do not know what it means but this creek put food on our table many times, especially when our cupboards were bare and the paychecks were far apart.    It was … Continue reading

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USS West Point by Carlos Najera

Milne Bay New Guinea: (Photo provided by Harry T Wildman) This photo is dated December 10, 1942. It also says Milne Bay. In the background are the mountains of the Owen Stanley Range. They are off the coast of Papua. … Continue reading

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On a Mission by Carlos and Joseph Najera

In the late 1700s the Spanish crown was aware of the vulnerability of the Northwest Pacific Coast. Russian hunters and explorers are settling in Alaska and moving down the coast in search of furs and places to establish settlements. The … Continue reading

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Dust of the Moon by Carlos Leonardo Najera de Madrid

My father spent his last days keeping a record of his life. He wrote about his beginnings and his struggles through each phase of his life. He was born in 1908. Gas engines and automobiles were still a novelty. People … Continue reading

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The Big Sleep

I don’t remember the exact moment when I started getting headaches. My muscles started getting sore for no apparent reason. Again, for no apparent reason I was getting nauseous. I started getting fever. And then I don’t remember the rest. … Continue reading

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1956 by Joseph and Carlos Najera

Tuberculosis took nearly ten years away from us.  As a family we were falling apart and growing more distant.  TB is a terrible disease. We thought the doctors had it under control, but it came back, she had a relapse … Continue reading

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The Graduate by Joseph and Carlos Najera

I made it. I graduated from Oxnard High, Class of 1927. It was a proud moment for my mama. She couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t think it was such a big deal, but looking back, the teachers thought I was … Continue reading

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