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Doña Christina

(1910 to 1981) Christina Ledesma child of Odilón and Margarita Ledesma. She had three brothers, Faustino, Melesio, and Eduardo. She had three sisters, Manuela, Katherine, and Emily. Christina was born in Lake Elsinore, near Riverside California. Her family moved to … Continue reading

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Mi Tía

It was one of our family gatherings.   “Visiting” is not quite the right word since we spent so much of our time there anyways. It was probably a funeral, since that is what usually brought the family together. I was … Continue reading

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Morning Sickness

“Mama don’t go.” Melvin’s words were simple. They were brief but they rattled terribly in his mother’s ears long after. Even unto this day, those few words live long.   “I need you.” He said. His eyes had failed to … Continue reading

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The Lady in the Bed

    “Who’s that?” I asked. The year was 1950. I was barely three years old, but I still remember. My memory is a bit fuzzy about exactly where we were. We were probably at the Maryknoll hospital in Monrovia, California. … Continue reading

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The Little Flower by Carlos Najera

August 24, 1935 was the day our first born daughter came into this world. That’s her on the left Margaret Christina. That’s not what I called her. To me she was the beautiful little flower and I called her that, … Continue reading

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The Land of Dust by Carlos Najera

Don Carlos remembers his first few months in his new home of Mexicali:   The Sun went down slowly on our first day there. I watched the evening sky change from bright blue to shades of red and pink. The … Continue reading

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Alice by Carlos Najera

Diphtheria is a bacterial infection often affecting the membranes of your nose and throat. Symptoms include a sore throat, fever, nosebleeds, swollen glands on the throat, and weakness. The telling symptom is a sheet of thick, gray material covering the … Continue reading

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