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March 5, 2010 by Joseph E. Najera

Sear reader: I am starting to put my writings together in book form. I have already posted some of them. Here is page 1.)  I am 62 years old now,  and I am drifting in and out of moments. I … Continue reading

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Sir Walter Raleigh in the Southern Sky

I stay up late and wake up early. The evening settles across the sky. It spreads out like a blanket, As I sit here by my screen.  I see the night fall, I see my father, when I was small … Continue reading

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The Blacksmithy Dawning by Joseph E Najera

I open myne eyes and break away fro’ some private dreamings An’ I let th’ coulde air fill me lungs and check th’ sky fo’ signs o’ weather. Alas, I let slip th’ quilt an’ feel the coldness dance upon … Continue reading

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Las Golondrinas by Joseph Najera

Las Golondrinas   Winter comes upon us with a cold and lonely wind. It brings with a stab the lilac shadows night. The lowly mist spreads empty chills across the clear and purple night. Winter comes upon us with the … Continue reading

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1968 by Joseph Edward Najera

1968 I was searching for you ages ago   When the night wings flew by my window And the air felt cold.   I was looking for a piece of memory,  a remembrance of your face. Maybe if I ran across … Continue reading

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A Remembrance of Eugene Martinez by Jose Eduardo Najera de Ledesma

  I remember November And the day, and the cold fog clinging to my cheeks. It was the day the black cars were waiting With their headlights glowing, The day the people were treading slowly From the white and silent … Continue reading

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