Wrought Iron Art by The Iron Rose

 My interest in wrought iron began with my father. He was an engineer, a machine designer, and a master iron worker. My father created the “Iron Rose” and he passed the secret of making it to me.

I still use the “Iron Rose” in my designs, but lately I seem to have transformed my creations into using simpler, more basic shapes and lines. I find inspiration in natural curves and in the texture of the steel itself.

I use 13th Century technology, that is, my hands, a hammer, an anvil, steel bands,  and rivets. Each piece is shaped and fitted one at a time. Some of my more complex candle holders have taken over a year to complete.

I also work with wooden projects. Lately walking sticks caught my interest. I enjoy working with wood and I cannot wait to begin my next project.

       My creations have found homes mainly in the Santa Clara Valley, in San Francisco, and in Martha’s Vineyard, and also in Scotland.


For more information contact me at: jedwardnajera@hotmail.com   or, my Facebook page.


winter tree

Winter Tree #1

This is a recent creation. When I started it I did not know when I would be finished. I first made the frame and then I put the tree into it. As I spent more time on this I liked it more and more. The frame is 0.5″ x 0.5″. It is 48 inches wide by 36 inches top to bottom.



number 1

Candle Holder #1

This is my first wrought iron project. I made it in 1965. I was 17 at the time. It is inspired by the shape of a Champaign glass.






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